world by NIKA

world by NIKA

Nika - and why Nika? What does it mean, where did it come from ...? When, why ...?

Questions, questions and more questions.

In elementary school I have never been good with handwork, drawings, etc. Generally two left hands. If someone had told me two years ago that I would design jewelry and, most importantly, make it myself - I would probably tap my head.

And yet. August 2018 - I ordered various beads, elastic line and accessories to try. The package has arrived. I opened and did it. I made my first bracelet.

I liked what I did. I liked it then. Today, looking at photos of my first work I just want to laugh. I am far from bragging, but the path I went through for 1.5 years would be a simple walk for some, but for me it was a marathon.

I have read several books on natural stones, watched hundreds of films how and what to do, what stones can not be combined, what should be combined, what stone for what zodiac sign, which stone to relieve pain, which luckily ... I could exchange for a long time .

However, I will say in brief. After this short time, first of all, I learned about stones and I can distinguish them. I do single things, in a way unique, such that every woman or man who wears them will feel special.

And I think I'm doing it successfully.

Why WorldbyNika?

Strange name? Certainly not for me :)

The genesis of "Nika" is trivial ... almost 20 years ago I met one person who started calling me Nika. This form quickly spread throughout the company where I worked and among friends. Over time, other Nisia-like forms came.

And so from Monika I became Nika, and among my friends Nisia.

I must admit that I like this form very much.

Reflecting on the name of the company and the jewelry brand, which I do as if it was obvious just such a name - @worldbynika.

Coming up with jewelry designs, I am thinking that every bracelet, earring or necklace should be unique. I turn myself off to what surrounds me. It's just me and my own world.

Because this is my world, the world of Niki, to which I cordially invite you.